Friday, April 4, 2014

Frozen Moment #1-Catch Me!

Catch Me! (baby Anna and Elsa)

This part made me sad because they are kids. It is sad when parents are injured too but kids, it is a little sadder. Anna & Elsa are playing with Elsa's ice powers. (Build Olaf, Icy floor, Snow,) but most of all, The pass out. Elsa was making snow mountains so Anna can jump from one to the other. Anna was going to fast so Elsa was losing control. Elsa tripped. Elsa squirted her ice power for the last time but, it hit Anna in the eye. This made me want to cry.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello I'm Eve a fan of Disney's "Frozen." If you haven't seen Frozen then, keep looking at this introduction. I am not spoiling the story but I am telling you the story line. In Frozen, sister's Anna & Elsa have been sisters since born. When Elsa grows older she shuts her sister out. This is the BEST movie ever. I didn't explain it well but when you see it, you will see it is more detailed.

Sorry this is a long introduction but i just want to give a brief intro. Here is a video link to the movie

Frozen Movie

*When you watch the beginning don't give up on it because of the weird song. (Doesn't mean it's dumb)
*Watching "Let It Go" might be a BIG reaction because it is the award-winning song so, You might want to sing along to be soothed by the movie (but that's not the reason you love it)