Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hello I'm Eve a fan of Disney's "Frozen." If you haven't seen Frozen then, keep looking at this introduction. I am not spoiling the story but I am telling you the story line. In Frozen, sister's Anna & Elsa have been sisters since born. When Elsa grows older she shuts her sister out. This is the BEST movie ever. I didn't explain it well but when you see it, you will see it is more detailed.

Sorry this is a long introduction but i just want to give a brief intro. Here is a video link to the movie

Frozen Movie

*When you watch the beginning don't give up on it because of the weird song. (Doesn't mean it's dumb)
*Watching "Let It Go" might be a BIG reaction because it is the award-winning song so, You might want to sing along to be soothed by the movie (but that's not the reason you love it)

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